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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jan 25, 2023

Ashley Tison (magna cum laude University of North Carolina Charlotte and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law) is a practicing attorney and experienced entrepreneur responsible for the founding and growth of numerous enterprises across a wide array of industries. As co-founder of, he has...

Jan 17, 2023

In 2016, I had $2,000 to my name. By 2021, I had multiple rental properties, I am retired from my day job, and I spend my free time traveling the world, writing for fun, and helping people. Not because I have to, but because I want to. Because that’s what I enjoy. The lessons and principles laid out in my book...

Jan 12, 2023

Agent in the industry since 2004, helped form teams for others, represented builders,banks and estates.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Shastine Bredlie?
  • How did she get into the business?
  • What is a buyer market?
  • They are rated no. 4 as the most expensive state to purchase.
  • What does Shastine consider a luxury market?

Jan 5, 2023

A mother of 6 boys, and past foster mother to 60+, I love passionately and work hard to create a life worth living. Every morning I wake up intentionally to starve my distractions and feed my focus. I view work in real estate as service, and enter relationships with clients coming from contribution.

What You Will...