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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Steve “The Hurricane” Weiss is a respected entrepreneur, speaker, leadership coach and author. His nickname, “The Hurricane”, comes from his dynamic energy and enthusiasm. He has been able to successfully turn his business into a seven-figure income. Most recently, Steve has begun investing in real estate, and specifically in senior care and assisted living. This is an area Steve feels passionate about, both for its incredible investment potential and for its positive impact on seniors who need a little extra help but still want the dignity of living on their own.

From a young age, Steve has been driven to succeed and excelled across vastly different industries. Steve founded his current company, Hurricane Marketing Enterprises, in 2012 with a goal to help other business owners around the globe. In a few short years, he grew it to a seven-figure business and it has been booming ever since.

Steve has sold out Boot Camps and seminars all over the county for years, even attracting attendees from other continents to hear him speak. With more than a decade of knowledge and a knack for “breaking it down” in easy-to-follow steps, he is known as the “Marketing Guru.”

Steve’s passion is to lead business owners on the path to find people in need of their services and convert these prospects into clients. His company’s mission statement is to help business owners increase their census, revenue, and profits. Through his programs and presentations, he has guided thousands of individuals to grow their organizations and continues to help them blow away the competition.

With his dedication and hard work, Steve has developed a foolproof program which enables start-up companies to quickly get ahead of the competition while helping existing business experience an explosive transformation. Many of his clients double and even triple annual revenue in as little as 6 months.

While shining on the stage, Steve draws the audience in with his detail, exuberance, and emotion. He shares his passion for educating individuals on proven skills and strategies that are guaranteed to work while mesmerizing the audience.

Through each speaking engagement, he captures attention by sharing both his personal stories and those of people he has encountered along the way. As a result, he has impacted thousands of individuals, helping them to increase their annual revenue by hundreds of millions of dollars!

What You Will Learn:

  • Steve explains why he trademarked the name “Steve The Hurricane”. He shares his background in healthcare and discusses how he began consulting and speaking, as well as how he began his real estate investing division focused on elder care facilities.
  • Steve discusses the importance of customer conversion ratios to a business, and he explains why a 25% conversion ratio is the bare minimum necessary for finding success in your business.
  • Learn why adult assisted-living facilities are an investment that makes sense and is all but recession-proof. Steve shares why the profits available in the assisted-living arena outpace anything available in single-family homes.
  • Steve details how the financials of investing in an assisted-living facility work, and he explains why the investment can pay out in a big way over time. Steve talks about why it’s such a viable option for retirement income.
  • Steve explains why he recommends buying in areas without premium pricing, where real estate is more affordable. He shares case studies of example investments he wishes he had made, as well as an example of an assisted-living facility he is investing in now.