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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Apr 10, 2019

Gary Wilson retired from his position in the banking industry as a Corporate Vice-President of Mergers & Acquisitions at age 40. He then decided to pursue his real estate license, and in just six months he had built a six-figure income through his real estate business. He has worked with over three thousand investment properties in just five years. Now Gary is a multi-millionaire real estate professional and the author of five books on real estate, as well as serving as a real estate mentor. Gary has appeared on more than a hundred prominent media outlets, including CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox News and Business week among many others. Gary believes passionately in the long-term investment potential of real estate, and he brings his experience and knowledge to career professionals interested in learning how to invest in real estate and grow their wealth while remaining in their main occupation.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gary explains why real estate is an ideal investment strategy for professionals with a steady income stream from their primary occupations. He shares why it is important to invest ethically, and how investing in a home can lift the entire neighborhood.
  • Learn how to physically analyze a property for its value and investment potential. Gary discusses the “avatar” family: the most common average demographic across the US and Canada for a family looking to purchase real estate, and he shares how to use that information to value a property for its appeal to the end user.
  • Learn what specific cosmetic features and visible problems people see first when viewing a property. Gary shares some of the key upgrades you could make to increase the appeal of the property.
  • Gary shares smart strategies to use when viewing a property for the first time, such as bringing a pair of binoculars with you so that you can view the roof in better detail. He discusses the value of keeping or removing features like sheds and swing sets.
  • Learn what features to look for within each interior room, as well as what inexpensive upgrades can be made to improve the value and salability of the home. Gary walks you through, room-by-room, to discuss the upgrades and replacements he recommends.