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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Apr 17, 2019

Steven Hatcher is a dentist based in Greensboro, North Carolina who owns his own practice. Steven is also a real estate investor who uses his own money from his practice to fuel his investments. His experience as a professional who uses real estate to grow his wealth is an excellent example of what this podcast is about. Steven overcame his initial concerns and fears and has found tremendous financial success through his investments.

What You Will Learn:

  • Steven describes his work as a dentist and the owner of his own practice. He shares how he learned the challenges of property management firsthand from his father, and he shares the valuable lessons he learned about scaling and taxes.
  • Steven shares how he first got into real estate investing and what sorts of returns he saw from his early investments, and he shares how he overcame his own fears and took the dive into real estate.
  • Steven discusses the importance of tax-sheltered income and how it can protect you from paying high taxes on your professional income. He shares the advantages and disadvantages of owning a small part of a large project versus entirely owning a small project.
  • Steven explains his decision to stick to primarily owner-friendly markets in red states, rather than dealing with the hassles of tenant-friendly laws. He discusses why most of his investments are in the southeast and none are local to him.
  • Learn what strategies Steven favors for his investments and what considerations he keeps in mind before making an investment. Steven discusses the advantages of using a self-directed IRA and why he prefers real estate to stock market investing.

How to contact Steven Hatcher: