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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Tom Schaff is the managing partner of Major League Sales, a sales strategy consulting and sales training firm. Over the course of his career, Tom has worked with major names like Intuit, Jiffy Lube and Costco. Tom teaches executive teams how to land huge deals, and he specializes in companies from $30 million to $300 million in size. His experience in sales and private equity have made him an expert in creating “exit value” for organizations in many industries across four continents.

What You Will Learn:

  • Tom shares how he uses his passion for baseball as a framework and a filter for the work he does in his professional life. He talks about why he and a group of partners purchased the baseball field from the film “Field of Dreams” and are working to turn it into a baseball destination venue.
  • Tom discusses how he helps his clients through teaching them to get in front of the right people, shorten sales cycles, hire the right teams, increase customer conversion rates, and clarify the demographics they should market toward.
  • Tom shares his best methods for building and growing a sales practice. He explains the vital importance of referral partners as a powerful marketing tool, and he explains why a handwritten “thank you” note is vastly more effective than an email.
  • Tom talks about his networking and referral strategies and the exponential benefits he receives from being thankful and reaching out in a personal way. He shares how the relationships he has established have paid dividends repeatedly for years.
  • Tom discuss why he follows his passions, and he shares the inspiring story of why the Milwaukee Braves were purchased and moved to Atlanta. He shares why he feels passionate about turning that story into a movie.

How to contact Tom Schaff: