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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Oct 5, 2021

After experiencing a traumatic experience in Las Vegas, I moved to Canada and with no family or friend sphere, I was able to build an amazing real estate career by leveraging the power of community. Creating community is my superpower. Through this, I have created a career that has had longevity and a great return in revenue.

Not only am I an award-winning Woman in Real Estate, I've won numerous awards for Civil and community support. This has all originated from my role as the community expert. Over my sales career, I've completed approximately 1800 transactions and had 30,000 lbs of food raised for the local food bank through my 21 years of supporting local community events.

I am energetic, focused, and open to new experiences and business ideas. Sharing insight and actionable steps to help others on their path is my why. Engaging the audience so they feel it was time well spent is my mission.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Kim Hayden?
  • How did she start her business?
  • Kim shares the things where she is really good at.
  • How did she become a community expert?
  • What are the things she learns from her experience?
  • Kim introduces the Resilient Series and shares its goal.
  • How many properties she was able to afford?
  • Kim shares how to start if anyone wants to start investing.
  • Does she work a lot with people around the world?
  • Kim introduces their published book.
  • What are the key lessons she might share with anyone in getting started in investing?
  • Kim shares how he can be contacted.

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