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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Nov 17, 2021

Lauren A. Cohen, international speaker, #1 bestselling author, and immigration and business strategist, is an attorney licensed in both the U.S. (TN) and Canada (ON). As an active AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association) member, Lauren boasts a stellar track record of success. She was also recently recognized as one of 2017’s “Super Lawyers” by Attorney-at-Law Magazine.

Although her role at e-Council does not involve practicing law, Lauren has first-hand knowledge of the visa process, having herself immigrated from Canada, and later becoming an American citizen in 2012. The overriding goal in all of her business endeavors is to help her clients achieve their version of the American Dream. Developing sound strategies designed to sustain long-term growth is a cornerstone of the e-Council Inc. brand.

After spending several years working as corporate counsel in various industries while delving into the field of immigration law, Lauren decided to combine her legal knowledge and business acumen. The result is e-Council Inc., a company offering concierge turnkey business immigration services ranging from professional Business Plans to comprehensive project coordination for all types of business visas, with a special focus on EB-5 solutions for direct investment and regional center cases. Lauren and her team help businesses raise capital, assist franchises seeking additional franchisees particularly in the form of foreign investors, and work with foreign investors seeking access to the U.S. markets.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Lauren Cohen?
  • Lauren shares her story of life how she manages to find the silver linings through the clouds.
  • How does Lauren help her client to acquire a visa?
  • Believe that client must have a goal and a comprehensive strategy.
  • Lauren shares a case study from her personal experience dealing with her dentist client.
  • What is Lauren’s advice on investing across borders?
  • Believe that when you are ready to invest that’s the time you invest.
  • What are the steps to take in across-border investing?
  • Lauren shares how she can be contacted.

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