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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

Dustin Heiner is a real estate investing expert and Founder of Being Successfully Unemployed at 37 years old by investing in real estate rental properties, he is now on a mission to help everyone to quit their job and never have a job again. He also helps his students build a successful real estate investing businesses all over the country. Through his work at, Dustin Heiner has become one of the leading real estate rental property experts.

Dustin started from his home in 2015, while being a full-time employee, married with 4 children, owning and operating 2 other businesses, and being a full-time investor. He is very passionate about his mission to help others become successfully unemployed and never need a job again.

In 2015, Dustin wrote his first book, “How to Quit Your Job with Rental Properties” which quickly became a bestseller. From there, he began his new business helping others to invest in rental properties to quit their job.

Since then, Dustin Heiner has helped countless numbers of others to start investing in real estate rental properties. Even if his students live in very expensive cities, he shows them how they can invest all over the country.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Dustin Heiner?
  • Dustin shares his experience when he was laid off from his job.
  • How did he become an investor?
  • What does a Rental Property Investor do?
  • When does he start investing?
  • How was Dustin able to expand his business?
  • What is the technique Dustin is using in targeting a location?
  • Dustin believes that now is the fantastic time to buy properties
  • How Dustin can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Dustin Heiner: