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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jan 26, 2022

Starting in real estate at 22 years old with limited amounts of funding, Dave understands the challenges most real estate investors face when trying to start and scale their businesses. As a full-time real estate investor for the last 3 years, Dave has now used his knowledge to start a private lending business that values helping others scale their ventures through Dave's knowledge and experience. 


Dave started Real Alternative Capital after struggling to find capital for a project in a more rural area and realized that many other Real Estate Investors like him likely run into similar challenges every day. His goal is to make sure that if you have truly great deals, you never struggle to get the funding you need to succeed. 


What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Dave Schmidt III?
  • How did he start his Real Estate Career?
  • Dave introduces his company and shares the purpose of his company.
  • What is Private Lending?
  • What are the options they could offer to an investor?
  • How Dave could possibly educate those who still can’t understand Real Estate.
  • Dave shares what to do when a recession is happening.
  • Does he believe that everybody should invest in Real Estate?
  • Dave shares how he can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Dave Schmidt III: