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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Apr 27, 2022

Casey is a real estate investor and the founder of the award-winning sustainable building company, The Conscious Builder. He is also the host of The Conscious Builder Podcast and The Conscious Builder Show on YouTube and the former Co-host of The Conscious Living Podcast. He has written almost 400 blog posts on topics such as marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, real estate, personal development, sustainability and more.

Casey brings almost two decades of experience to the construction industry and over a decade of experience to running, owning and growing his businesses while also staying committed to his wife and son. Casey is on a mission to make sure everybody in the world has a healthy, comfortable and efficient home to live in.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Casey Grey?
  • When did his Construction career start?
  • Casey shares his first mistake.
  • When did their lives start to change?
  • What leads them to start The Conscious Builder?
  • How did he do physical analysis and financial analysis for a certain property?
  • How did he use cryptocurrency in order to get the downpayment for the 8-story building?
  • Casey shares that people must look at how things affect each other when it comes to building structure.
  • How to check if a house/building has a serious problem?
  • Casey shares how he can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Casey Grey: