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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jun 15, 2022

Sunil Chillar is the owner and broker of EXIT Realty Urban Living located in Downtown Jersey City. After receiving his bachelor's degree in finance and economics from what is now known as New Jersey City University, he worked his way up to the Assistant Vice President position of a large American stock brokerage and asset management firm. Feeling unfulfilled in his career, Sunil decided to delve into the field of real estate. Since becoming a licensed agent in 2002, he has worked with property investors assisting them in purchases of over 5,500 units throughout the United States, he has managed over 100 units as a property manager, and has gained over 18 years of experience overseeing construction crews and renovation projects for his clients.

Sunil specializes in short-sales, bankruptcy and foreclosures, and has extensive experience handling multi-dwelling properties. His role in the office includes recruiting and training its agents, as well as overseeing the office's operation.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Sunil Chillar?
  • How did he get involved in Real Estate Industry?
  • How does Sunil help his agents in making their own money themselves?
  • Why you should get your own license?
  • What is flipping?
  • Sunil shares two things he does when flipping.
  • How did the time of COVID become the best part of Sunil’s life?
  • Sunil believes “If you want great things to happen to your life, do personally make a great shift”.
  • How does Sunil shifts to flipping Multi-Family Housing?
  • What actually happens in syndication?
  • Sunil shares how he can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Sunil Chillar:

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