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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Apr 26, 2023

Kurt began his Real Estate investment journey with JFK Properties in 2018. After spending eight years trading stocks, options, and forex, as well as a failed attempt on his first deal in 2007, Kurt has become an instrumental part of the success of JFK Properties.

Kurt and his two business partners have focused on multi-family and commercial properties in Northern Ontario. Kurt's strengths are his ability to analyze properties and uncover opportunities, calm demeanor, and his willingness to go after any deal that makes sense, regardless of the size.

As a busy father, entrepreneur, employee, trainer, coach, partner, investor and mentor, finding balance in life can be challenging. After 15 years of striving to find balance in his life, he decided it was time to share what he has experienced, learned, and developed with other busy entrepreneurs and business owners.

Despite only being in his 40s, Kurt is a proud father to three boys and has a grandson and a granddaughter. His goal is to create a legacy that his family can carry for generations to come and do it all while working on a beach in a tropical

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Kurt Warner?
  • How did he get started in Real Estate?
  • What is the lesson he learned from his first investment?
  • You do not need money to get into Real Estate, you need knowledge.
  • Qualify the tenants properly.
  • What is Kurt’s favorite strategy in acquiring properties and getting financing?
  • It is important to create a relationship, respect the relationship and utilize them.
  • Kurt shares how he can be contacted.


Additional Resources from Kurt Warner:

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