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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jul 3, 2019

Gary Wilson is an expert in the world of real estate investing. He first began investing at the young age of 23, right after his college graduation. He went on to build a portfolio of more than 250 units, covering everything from single-family homes to an apartment complex with more than 80 units. Today, Gary is a self-made millionaire who continues to practice real estate and is also the Chief Wealth and income Officer at My Investment Services and the Chief Guidance Officer at Path to Freedom. Gary is the host of the podcast Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women, where he shares his hard-won wisdom with business professionals looking to turn to real estate to grow their wealth and expand their businesses.

What You Will Learn:

  • Gary shares why learning the fundamentals are the key to success in real estate, and he explains why no-money-down financing deals aren't the best way to conduct real estate deals.
  • Gary explains his proprietary "school report" and how it displays real estate sales activity based on school areas. He explains the value of raw data rather than ratios and statistics.
  • Gary discusses why supply and demand, volume and velocity are the keys to determining whether an area is an attractive location to invest in, and he shares how he uses the U.S. Postal Service's "Every Door Direct Marketing" service to collect data that can be plugged into Melissa at the ZIP code level.
  • Gary talks about how the local county planning commission offers valuable demographic and social information about a neighborhood, allowing investors to drill down the best neighborhoods to invest in.
  • Gary shares why the website can be a great way to discover properties that are heading for foreclosure and help you contact the banks that own those properties.
  • Gary provides a basic first contact script that you can use when reaching out to a bank that will get results. He discusses why you should send a niche-level and highly targeted letter to property owners with properties that fit your criteria.
  • Gary shares the appropriate phrasing you should include in your letter, and he explains why the phrasing matters to grab the owner's attention and encourage them to read the whole letter.

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