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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jul 10, 2019

Len Giancola began a corporate career on Wall Street and found great success at a young age, becoming the youngest Managing Director of the Americas for a major worldwide brokerage firm where he brought in a seven-figure income. However, Len was dissatisfied with making money for others and decided to retire early and relocate to Florida, where he became a serial entrepreneur both in and out of real estate. Len's real estate investments specialized in creating homes and vacation rentals on and near Florida's northeast coast. Today, Len has shifted gears once again and has begun building tech platforms for businesses within the cannabis industry.

What You Will Learn:

  • Len explains how he got on a corporate path and began making a seven-figure income at a very young age, and he shares why he decided to leave that lifestyle to become an entrepreneur and investor.
  • Len shares how he got involved in real estate in Florida when he recognized undiscovered real estate gems on Florida's northeast coast, and how he created his "revolving door" income stream theory.
  • Len explains how the post-recession years of 2009-2012 were some of his most successful, despite other builders around the country struggling. He explains why his business was able to thrive while others failed.
  • Len discusses why he chose to leave his thriving "revolving door" businesses and instead begin working on building tech platforms for businesses within the cannabis industry.
  • Len describes the upcoming launch of as a lead generation platform, providing a service for smaller businesses within the cannabis industry who cannot legally advertise their products or services.
  • Len shares how he and his wife began teaching their kids about entrepreneurship and helped them create an LLC when the kids were age 14 and 10, and he discusses how his daughters are planning on continuing to be entrepreneurs.
  • Len talks about launching his new podcast, "All About the Lenjamins", and he shares why he believes money isn't evil but rather is a resource for creating abundance, enjoying experiences, and helping others.

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