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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Jan 8, 2020

In 1992 Dr. Andrew Stotz, CFA moved from a management career at Pepsi-Cola in California to teach finance in Thailand, he has never stopped teaching since then. However, in 1993 he fell in love with the job of being a financial analyst for which he was eventually voted #1. He transitioned into the job of head of research to cap a 20-year career at various investment banks. During that time, he co-founded CoffeeWORKS, Thailand’s leading B2B specialty coffee roaster and served as president of CFA Society Thailand. He now runs A. Stotz Investment Research, which services institutions and high net worth investors. In 2017 he launched the to teach everything he learned to aspire analysts. In 2018 he started podcast to help future generations reduce their investment risks by learning through the stories of others. Andrew lives in Bangkok with his 81-year-old mother, who will attest that he remains an analyst at heart!

What You Will Learn:

  • Dr. Stotz’s journey into finance and teaching
  • The top six mistakes people make when investing
  • How to create, grow, and protect your wealth by investing in the stock market
  • Dr. Stotz’s methodology for investing in international markets
  • How to educate yourself for success as an investor

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