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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Feb 5, 2020

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad In 2001 David decided that real estate investing was where he needed to be and so he bought his first tri-Plex with partners the next year in NJ. After moving to PA in 2003 he quickly added multiple duplexes and an 8 unit to his portfolio. The lessons kept coming as only experience can teach them. Through the ups and downs of the 2008 crash along with many life lessons learned, David more recently has honed focus where real estate and his gifts meet with a diverse set of skills of selling homes, investment properties and commercial land while continuing to develop new skill sets in new home construction investment and larger land development deals.

What You Will Learn:

  • David’s journey from corporate America into real estate investing
  • How David transitioned from entry-level investments to large scale projects
  • Examples of projects that David completed and others that didn’t work out
  • How to react to shifting momentum in your investment projects
  • The correlation between spirituality and material manifestation

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