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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Mar 20, 2019

Vince Parrucci a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh and has worked in the Auditing and Banking Industry for over 17 years, earning his VP title with 2 major companies.

During the course of his successful career Vince also invested in real estate as an investor for 7 years prior to leaving Corporate America. As an active investor in real estate since 1999 he at one time owned close to 5 million dollars in investment real estate including single family houses and multi-units totaling over 147 rental units that generated over $720,000 in gross annual rental revenue. In addition, to being a landlord he has flipped high-end homes in well to do neighborhoods and wholesaled deals to other investors.

Being recognized for his investing skills Vince was hired as a consultant to coach and
mentor hundreds of investors across Western Pennsylvania and Ohio. After several
frustrating experiences with real estate agents Vince obtained his real estate license in
2006. Vince continues to work with investors to help them achieve financial freedom
through investing in real estate and help families find their dream homes. He is also a
published author, Smart Buy/Strong Sale, The Consumer’s Guide to Buying and Selling Your Next Home.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Vince found his way into real estate from working in the corporate world in auditing, accounting and banking
  • Why it took Vince seventeen years to get over the fear of “not knowing” to begin operating in real estate
  • How Vince started out in rental properties and only later moved into fix-and-flip properties
  • Why buy-and-hold properties are far better than fix-and-flip for building wealth and growing your portfolio
  • Why Vince chose to get his real estate license after getting frustrated with the agents he was using for his business
  • Why having his real estate license helps Vince negotiate his own deals, and why it is important to partner with a good agent for your own investments
  • Why Vince considers anytime to be a good time to buy, regardless of the conditions of the economy
  • Why a solid team of contractors, agents and vendors was critical for Vince’s success in real estate
  • Why Vince decided to enter real estate in the first place, and why perseverance and driver were important to his career
  • How to reach out to Vince to take advantage of his real estate agent services in the Pittsburgh area

How to contact Vince Parrucci: