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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Sep 30, 2020

Sid Hameed has migrated to the US in October 1977 with his family due to the ongoing war between India and Pakistan in the ‘60s. He grew up in a travel area and used to go underground during the war. 

He worked at a young age about 10-12 years old at the moment of arriving in the US. He delivered thousands of papers every single day and recruited about 15-20 kids to help him deliver these papers in the afternoon after school. These kids helped him collect money so they can get it done a lot faster. A true entrepreneurial spirit.

Back in 1989, he started a residential construction and initially worked as a labor and learned a lot of other construction skills until forming his own solid team.

He was also a Home Inspector for 22 years Washington DC - MD and owned and operated Real Estate Brokerage for 15 years Washington DC and MD. He has educated and trained thousands of people for over 20 years. He learned a lot by taking actions and has proven it through real-life experiences.

What You Will Learn:

  • Sid's most recent massive building construction experience through government programs.
  • Why government programs are profitable for mid and low tiered income residents.
  • How Sid's partnership with different government districts can bring good deals.
  • How Sid directly contacts property or building owners to make good deals.
  • How a long term financing looks like on building investments.
  • Why Sid could sometimes join investors to participate with his projects.
  • Understanding land zoning when dealing with a project on how improvements can be made into it.
  • How to find out what zoning is for each county properties.
  • Sid's strategy on buying the next property after finishing the current project.
  • Key to success in the investment business that Sid applies.
  • What takes place after buying 1st position notes.
  • How to find the best Investor-friendly agent who knows how to manage project rehabilitation, construction, and outsale.
  • Sid shares how someone can participate in one of his projects.

Additional Resources from Sid Hameed: