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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Oct 7, 2020

Ben Riehle currently resides in Tucson, Arizona who runs a couple of real estate service companies. He is a licensed agent with over nine years of real estate, construction, property management, and investment experience.

He studied at the University of Arizona receiving an undergraduate degree in Accounting in 2011. Then, he continued to a law school where he specialized in business formation and tax law and finishing it in 2014. However, he never was able to practice his law degree realizing that his real passion was in real estate investing.

Being fortunate enough, he was able to purchase his first property at the young age of 18 years old.

With a great passion for the real estate industry, he realized the profound need for a start to finish solutions for real estate investors. As a result, he began to build a real estate service company called “The Apex Real Estate Network” handling everything from construction development to property management.

When he built this service company, it was like all under one house for investors aiming one-stop-shop real estate solutions. Next, he also considered handling more financials and investment strategies paving a way for him to launch his investment group that started the work with the prospective investors. He made a great approach with property syndications and investment fund generation to accomplish different tailored goals to lean on and for more investors to attract joining in.

His expertise ensures meeting and protecting investors’ necessities and interests.

When he’s not working with clients and investors to meet their investment goals or finding solutions for homeowners with rundown properties, he used to go to the gym or spend time outdoors. And he is an avid snowboarder and swimmer.

What You Will Learn:

  • How Ben went on his journey to discover his real passion for real estate investment.
  • How Ben was able to close the deal to purchase his first property at the age of 18.
  • Ben’s great learning from buying his first property.
  • How Ben got a lot of money from his first property.
  • The path that Ben went through in building his service company that provides help to people in terms of property management.
  • The importance of relationships and providing value to people who need help with their property acquisition’s concerns.
  • Ben shares how he became successful when he started his service company.
  • How Ben helps in building investment opportunities according to the specific needs and goals of the investor.
  • Minimizing investment risks and achieving the highest returns in a more secure way.
  • Ben shares what syndication means and the right approach to perform it.
  • How and why Ben is selective with the right people or investors to work with.
  • Ben’s approach with real estate investment business expansion from Tucson to Kansas City.
  • Ben’s approach to doing deals available in the market to be on top of the market cycle.
  • How to make investment deals work that will secure the highest possible returns.
  • The best way for people to invest with Ben.

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