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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

Sean Harper is the CEO and co-founder of Kin Insurance, an insurance startup and licensed insurance carrier that leverages technology to simplify homeowners insurance.

Previously, Sean Harper founded FeeFighters, a payments company later bought by Groupon, and TSS-Radio, an e-commerce company that became an Inc. 500 fastest-growing business.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Sean Harper was a consultant at the Boston Consulting Group and an investor at Longworth Venture Partners.

Sean Harper earned his AB and MBA at the University of Chicago.  

What You Will Learn:

  • How Sean started as an entrepreneur.
  • Sean explains about Home Insurance.
  • How customers should be treated by their company.
  • Sean shares what services they provide so their customers are rest assured to be protected.
  • Sean gives some advice on how to get every home protected even in this time that people are not in a good financial position.
  • How a homeowner can be assured that there is no leak at his home. 
  • Sean shares how an alarm on a plumbing system can actually help a homeowner.
  • Sean explains the three main factors to consider by a homeowner to avail insurance.
  • Sean’s beliefs that everybody should have flood coverage.
  • How to use External Data Sources.
  • Sean’s beliefs that insurance is similar to real estate.
  • Sean shares their company website where everyone can get more information about home insurance.

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