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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Mar 3, 2021

Jenny’s personal improvement journey started when she was 6 after being enrolled in a judo class so she could learn to defend herself. She went on to become a black belt fighting for Scotland & GB all over the world.  A few years later she swapped her baggy judo suit for lycra, a carbon fiber bike & high speeds on the velodromes all over the world. Career highlights include winning silver at Delhi Commonwealth Games, narrowly missing out on Team GB selection for London 2012 Olympics, and racing for Team Scotland in front of a home crowd at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

During London 2012 trials Jenny was asked to present how she improved her performance to her department manager and leaders at Standard Life Plc. Having shared the principles of improvement Jenny was asked to help lead and deliver continuous improvement in the business. There a new career was born!

After many business improvements and problem-solving projects, teams, training programs, and lessons learned across multiple industries, Jenny now works with business leaders and entrepreneurs to move away from fire fighting and stress to calm and control and then onward to World Class Customer Service and the growth and profits that come with that.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Jenny Davis?
  • Jenny shares how she started in her Sporting Career and Working Career.
  • Some advice on how to lead and support a team through a crisis that is happening now.
  • What is Kubler-Ross Change Curve? 
  • Giving some time to think and giving some breathing and space is such a good way so business leaders can make smart decisions.
  • Five stages of emotion people can go through in times of crisis.
  • Jenny shares what she does to feel better in times of emotional crisis. 
  • Believes giving yourself space, know where you are emotionally in the Curve, and use the strategies you developed through life.
  • Open communication is the key and having patience is the best way for a team to survive challenges in a company.
  • How to control distraction when you are working from home.
  • Know your optimum time and place and plan the most important task to do. 
  • Beliefs Smallest of things can help you to do your absolute best in terms of priority tasks.
  • Jenny shares her personal transformation from the bottom to the top of her Sporting Career.
  • Jenny shares how can be contacted.

Additional Resources from Jenny Davis: