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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Mar 31, 2021

Travis Smith is the Founder and CEO of Tribevest, a platform that makes it 10x easier & less expensive to align, formalize, pool capital, and ultimately buy real estate together. He has a unique and extensive background in financial services and enterprise payment software.

Before discovering his passion for technology, Travis was a top financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. With his wealth management training, he became a thought leader in the FinTech industry with a focus on digital payments. Most recently, he led the Strategic Alliance team at Jack Henry & Assoc., a multi-billion dollar FinTech company and core software for thousands of banks.

It was through these experiences that he discovered it was exponentially more fun to disrupt the reigning wealth management institutions than to be part of them. Travis’s vision for Tribevest was born from the 2008 financial crisis when he and his brothers realized that if they were going to change their family’s financial trajectory, they’d need to work together.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is Travis Smith?
  • What is Tribevest?                     
  • How did they start in the business?
  • How Tribevest can help Real Estate Investor.
  • Travis shares how an Investor can broaden his market and where to start.
  • What is more valuable in any piece of property?
  • Travis believes that we need to train our brains.
  • How an individual can cement his future.
  • More information about Tribevest and how it helps Travis to change their lives.
  • How to find and avail Tribevest.
  • Travis shares how can be contacted.

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