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Massive Passive Cash Flow Podcast

Mar 10, 2021

David Dodge is a founding member of House Sold Easy Properties and brings over 14 years of real estate expertise to the company. He is responsible for acquiring real estate throughout Missouri while managing a sales team. In addition to working with House Sold Easy, he owns and operates a real estate property management firm, a retail brokerage, and a fix and flip company all located in Saint Louis Missouri. 

Mr. Dodge has been involved in hundreds of real estate negotiations, purchases, and sales. He has been coaching and mentoring others on how they too can invest in real estate for several years. He is also the co-host of the Discount Property Investor podcast. Prior to House Sold Easy, he was operating his own wholesale company and acquiring rental properties while having several jobs in Sales and Marketing. Mr. Dodge graduated from the University of Missouri Columbia with his Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate Investing.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who is David Dodge?
  • What are David Dodge's specialties?
  • How did he start in Real Estate Investment?
  • David Dodge shares his first-time experience with loans.
  • David’s experience on House Hacking.
  • How David learn Direct to Seller Marketing.
  • David shares the number of properties he acquires over his 15 years in the business.
  • What is BRRRR Strategy?
  • David believes that it all starts in getting a deal.
  • How you can get profit in a property?
  • What are the strategies he uses in Direct to Seller Marketing?
  • What is wholesaling?
  • David shares how wholesaling works.
  • How they provide convenience in exchange to discount.
  • David introduces his book, The Ultimate Guide to Wholesaling Real State
  • David shares how can be contacted.

Additional Resources from David Dodge: